Evolving With You

We at Alpha Lacrosse made a commitment at our conception that we would continually improve and adapt to the wants and needs of the lacrosse industry. Our first line of products sold really well all over the country but we felt there was something missing from our approach.

So we took to lacrosse fields everywhere and talked to our fans and people that have never heard of us. We looked at what other companies were doing right, and what they were doing wrong. After our research into the industry and ourselves we realized that we could do more for the lacrosse player on and off the field. So we spent the last year designing, testing, and developing the very best line of lacrosse gear and apparel on the market.


New Vision.

New Products.

Charging In A New Direction.

We quickly realized that there were so many ways to improve our gear. So that’s exactly what we did. We added expert product designers and craftsmen to our team to develop a whole new line of lacrosse gear. Now we have the all new Ascension Head and 4 new lacrosse shafts, all different and available in multiple colors.

Next thing we realized is that all “lacrosse apparel” across the industry did not reflect all lacrosse players and didn’t go much farther than graphic t-shirts. We wanted to change that. Lacrosse players do more than just play lacrosse so we made it our goal to make apparel for the lacrosse player AND the life they live off the field. This is why we created a simplistically designed athleisure apparel line with high quality fabrics.


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