This week’s Alpha Lacrosse female player of the week is North Carolina Tar Heel, Jamie Ortega. Ortega, a freshman attacker from New York, set an ACC record with 15 goals through the first three games of the annual ACC tournament, ultimately leading her team to the ACC championship.

Her efforts helped lift the Tar Heels to third overall ranking in the country, while helping her secure the player of the week achievement, barely beating out fellow Tar Heel, Taylor Moreno, with 39% to 34% of the vote.

The Tar Heels have qualified for the 2018 NCAA tournament, and look to win this year’s national championship, with only Stony Brook and Maryland given a higher seed for the tournament.

Riding a nine game winning streak into the NCAA tournament should give North Carolina immense confidence, as the 2018 begins to wind down.

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