Are you a Student?? Then we want to hook you up with a discount to make that student budget stretch a little further!


You were good to us, we want to be good to you back!

We have had such amazing feedback this year since we have released our new lacrosse head and whole new line of lacrosse shafts! And most recently we released our whole new line of lacrosse apparel which has been received so well by lacrosse fans all over the country! Our fans and customers absolutely love what we are doing so we have been trying to think of ways we can share our gratitude.


We looked at our customer base and decided that students are the people that could use some appreciation from us this month!


Not only do students make up a large part of our customer base and the lacrosse community, but we also know how hard it can be to be one! Affording clothes is on a student’s budget can be tough. So we want to make it easier!


That’s why we have created a STUDENT DISCOUNT for all of our apparel products!


Do you know anyone else that would love to get a discount on the gear they need for the rest of the school year? Be a friend and share this page!