Who is Alpha Lacrosse’s first player of the week? The honor goes to Sydney Pirreca from the University of Florida after she recorded a game-high eight points against Maryland on Saturday, February 17th, while also snagging seven draws and a groundball in the contest.

Sydney is looking to lead the Gators to another conference regular season championship, which would make for a jaw-dropping eight titles in a row!

She has the help of her sister, Shayna, who is also a force to be reckoned with in college lacrosse. The pair grew up competing in gymnastics, and have translated that athleticism onto the field. In the words of Sydney: “I would consider both of us gym rats our entire lives.”

At 6 years old, the girls would run two miles, perform 30 pull-ups, handstand holds, a few rope climbs, and another 30 V-ups every day… as a warm-up.

The real workout would happen after that. They’d have a two-hour practice in the morning, followed by a four-hour practice each afternoon.

Needless to say, this rigorous routine has prepared them for a fine career on the field. After all, college lacrosse practices are about 2-3 hours long, just like those workouts from when they were 6 years old.

The sense of discipline they’ve gained is unmatched. After practices today, these young ladies choose to stick around and do an extra cardio workout, instead of calling it a day and going back to their dorm rooms or out to a party.

Now that’s a sacrifice right there.

Sydney Pirreca currently leads her team in goals and points, after two games.

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