Locking down would-be scorers, securing turnovers, and delivering body checks with necessary force, the life of a lacrosse defender is not for the weak.


But to be a successful defender isn’t just a mindset of toughness and determination, it requires you to have the right equipment in your arsenal. You need to be able to apply heavy pressure, knock off passes with ease, and throw checks when the opportunity arises.


The bottom line? You need a stick that works for you rather than against you, which is exactly what Alpha Lacrosse delivers in the new Beta head. Below we will outline why the Beta head is the best lacrosse head for defense.


What Defenders Want in a Head:


Like we said, defenders need a stick for three primary purposes: to knock attacking players off the ball, to intercept passes when able, and to pass the ball up field to the middies after they gain possession.


They need their stick to have a larger head, but it also needs to be stiff enough not to bend when throwing checks. Any defender will tell you, a durable lacrosse stick is a must.

Why Defenders Will Love The Beta Head:


The new Beta head gives defenders the freedom to act aggressively while remaining controlled, with or without the ball. At 6.5 inches, the head is larger than average giving you greater defensive power to help you meet your demands. This makes it ideal for blocking, checking, and scooping ground balls.


The Beta head in combination with a high pocket set up, gives you greater customization options, especially if you like to fling long passes or maneuver your stick in transition.


Big and rangy players will embrace the Beta head’s wide scoop, allowing them to get the ball away from dangerous areas of the field and quickly push the play to middies. Lockdown defensemen will love how this head gives them the freedom to utilize their check skills in the crease.


Defenders want to have peace of mind in their equipment. When you have possession of the ball, that feeling of security is everything.  Alpha wants you to have fewer things to worry about on the lacrosse field, which is why the Beta head was made with the end user in mind—you.


Alpha Lacrosse brings an unparalleled level of passion to the table in every product, and the Beta head is no different. Improve your game today by going Beta.