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It is our mission to do something unique, to create something that has never been done before. For this reason, we created the first ever apparel for the lifestyle that lacrosse players live ON and OFF the field. Most things that have never been done before are not automatically popular and widespread at first. It usually takes fans and customers that love the product to share it with their network. We know that this is naturally how the lacrosse world will learn to love our products, so we decided to build a system that rewarded those who do spread the word!

Here’s How It Works!

  1. Sign up for the contest HERE! (get 15% off for signing up)   2. Get a shareable link that you can share with your friends   3. Earn Points for everyone that signs up with your link.   4. Every month we pick the person with the most points to win apparel for a year!   It’s that EASY!

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