There are many ways to tape up your new Alpha Lacrosse stick. Some players like using tons of tape, a little tape, or even no tape at all.

It comes down to determining where you want that extra grip on your stick, then applying your lacrosse tape the right way.

In this post, we will explain how you should go about placing tape on your lacrosse stick for maximum comfort.

Terms to Know:

Shaft – the part of the lacrosse stick moving away from the head and pocket, where a player’s hands go.

Head – the plastic frame with holes where strings will lace through.

Step 1: Split Your Tape

About ½ inch into your tape, you want to tear it. Then place one side of that torn tape down and start unwinding the other side. This process of breaking the tape into smaller pieces will give you a more stable grip in the end.

Step 2: Wrap Tape Around TOP of Shaft


Some players like to have grip all over the top of their stick. If this is you, then you’ll take the tape and start applying it just a couple inches below the head, using either the split tape or the regular side of the tape. As you apply, be sure to leave a little space between the strands of tape.

HINT: Using the split tape over the regular side will give you a better grasp of the shaft’s edges, increasing a player’s sense of feeling.


For a more stylish look, you can wrap your tape diagonally along the top of the shaft. Using the split tape, simply wrap it around the outside until you reach the very top. Then, split that part off and wrap it the same way on the other side. Both sides should match-up, crossing over each other evenly.

The end result should look something like this…

To end this tape job, you’ll roll off another piece of split tape to cover up the outside of the top and do the same to the bottom.

This is how you achieve a criss-cross lacrosse stick taping effect.



Another option is to tape the top of your lacrosse shaft so that your fingers fit in-between each strip. To do this, fit your hand around the shaft as you would during a game, then align each strand of tape between your fingers.

It should look like this…

PRO TIP: Prevent your tape from fraying by using a lighter on the ends of each piece. Simply burn the ends for a couple seconds, lick your finger and brush the burnt part against the tape to make it stick.

Step 3: Wrap Tape Around BOTTOM of Shaft

Apply your tape over each angle on the back, allowing you to put on your end cap without worrying about it sliding off.

Like so…

As far as taping the bottom, the same options apply that we used for the top of the shaft. But if you’d prefer, there’s another option…

Wrap your tape about 30 times to create a knob at the end of your stick, giving your hand a place to slide down to. This is a great way to add power to your passes and shots.

Just like at the top, you can use a lighter to prevent the tape from fraying.

ALPHA’S PREFERENCE: From here, what we like to do is simply tape up towards the butt cap using the split side of the tape.

Once you have all of your shaft covered, you’ll break off the tape and optionally use the lighter method to prevent fraying.

Then, slowly rub your thumb up the applied tape to help it really meld into the shaft. This will help bring out the edges of the stick, giving you a stronger grip.

So let’s review.

Today you learned how to tape your shaft in a variety of different ways, depending on your personal preference.

We discussed how you can use split tape to maximize grip and feel of your lacrosse stick, enabling you to generate more power while increasing stability.

Alpha also showed you some pro tips involving the use of a lighter, as well as showing you how to properly tape the end part of your stick so that the butt cap remains in place.