We have created the Lacrosse Players Christmas Wish List for 2017 because we want to educate lacrosse players on which gear could really help them improve thier game this season and become the “Alpha” on their team.


What separates an Alpha lacrosse player from the rest?


It’s simple.


Drive, tenacity, work ethic… and the best-in-class gear to help them elevate their game to new levels.


At Alpha Lacrosse, we don’t just make the stuff for you to use. We use it ourselves. That’s why each piece of equipment is made with the needs of the player in mind.


This holiday season, treat yourself or someone in your family with the best lacrosse gear on the market.


Discover the best offerings from around the industry, right here…

Helmet: ($289 – $359)


As much as we love to play the game with tenacity, we also recognize the importance of safety, especially for younger lacrosse players.


The Cascade S Custom Lacrosse Helmet gives players an unparalleled amount of protection around the crown of the head, as well as high-impact areas through the side and rear.


PowerPress technology decreases wire diameter, improving sight lines so that players can see the whole field with ease.

Gloves: ($179 – $284)

Hold your lacrosse shaft with comfort and security, thanks to the Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Gloves. It’s no secret that Nike gear looks good, but these gloves offer a lot more than eye candy.


Flexible foam protects your hands while allowing you to control the shaft at every turn.

Arm Guards: ($124.99 to $129.99)


Dispatch combative defenders with these super lightweight, minimal arm guards. The STX Stallion 500 are great for movement, while easily locking your pads into place with a customized fit system.


What’s more, the sleeve has been updated for even greater comfort.

Stick: ($139)


The A-series brings cutting-edge technology to the table by using the highest quality carbon fiber available. The stick’s material is lightweight and maneuverable while providing just the right amount of stiffness and stability for aggressive players. It’s offered in different color schemes—like camo—and is perfectly adaptable to any position on the field.


Check out the A-series line today and see how it can improve your game.

Head: ($79)

Say hello to the Beta Head. Released earlier in the summer, this revolutionary head has seen several important updates thanks to supportive feedback from our reviewers. We added thickness to the scoop and removed some material from the back rails, resulting in a slightly more offset head. Plus, we’ve added a bit of hand-finished texture to the top rails for a nicely stylized look.


We’re confident that the new Beta Head will rank among the best lacrosse heads out there, helping you carry the ball with greater ease and security.

Head Mesh: ($17.99)


Throne Fiber is the new standard in lacrosse stringing, utilizing a flexible yet rip-resistant hold for your pocket. Weighing in at just 24 grams, you’ll find this material to be about 10% lighter than standard mesh.


Order a string kit today and notice the difference in ball pocketing, stability, and comfort.

Cleats: $99


It’s essential to find cleats that provide you with traction and control, especially when playing in slick conditions.


For this, look no further than the New Balance Freeze cleats. Available in blue, white, grey, red, black and green, they are visually appealing as well as comfortable for any player.

Socks: ($15.99)


Believe it or not, socks do make a difference. You need a pair that’s durable enough to withstand the constant starting and stopping movements you perform each game, but thin enough to let your feet breathe.


Adrenaline Lacrosse’s Vendetta 2.0 Lacrosse Socks fit the bill, providing players ample support while giving you plenty of ventilation to keep your feet dry.


Apparel: ($24.99 – $99)


Every lacrosse player needs to look the part. At Alpha, we create the apparel that we like to wear on and off the field. From hats to shirts to sweatshirts and hoodies, you’ll find something for every season.




Take your game to new heights with the best lacrosse gear around. Don’t forget to follow Alpha on social media and stay tuned for the latest product updates.

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