Ever since we launched our “Ascension” Head, it has gotten tons of love and attention. We put a lot of time and thought into the design of all of our products, especially this head, and we are stoked that it has gotten the positive response we always hoped for!

New England Lacrosse Blog were such big fans of the Ascension Head that they bought one and wrote a full review on it!

Here is what they wrote:

This summer Alpha Lacrosse released their first lacrosse head.  That lacrosse head is the Ascension. Alpha Lacrosse was known before for their carbon fiber lacrosse shafts but the Ascension lacrosse head will put them on the map with East Coast lacrosse players.

A description of the Ascension from Alpha Lacrosse is as follows:

Narrow face shape which provides better ball control while dodging.

Allows for a low pocket for a quick release when passing and shooting.

20 sidewall holes allow for endless stringing options.

After using the Ascension a few times here are our thoughts.  The face shape is great one. It is narrow but not too narrow.  We can agree that it has great control while dodging. It is also a fairly stiff head which is a plus.  As a fan of the mid pocket, we did see that the Ascension can easily be strung with a low pocket. With the offensive minded player in mind with this lacrosse head, the low pocket will be popular.  The 20 sidewall holes gives you plenty of options for stringing up the Ascension. We also found it easy to scoop ground balls. The shape of the scoop on Ascension definitely aids in that.

Other aesthetic features of the Ascension would be the Alpha Lacrosse logo in both sidewalls.  The name of the head on one side of the throat with the Alpha Lacrosse logo on the side, and on the front of the throat.  Also, Alpha Lacrosse written on the inside of the sidewall. It also features two screw holes which allow for it to be used when any lacrosse shaft, and those two holes will also help with rattle.

For Alpha Lacrosse’s first foray into making a lacrosse head, the Ascension is a really solid head.  It is a lacrosse head that we highly recommend.


We wanted to thank New England Lacrosse Blog for taking the time to write us a review and we encourage any and all of our fans to do share their thoughts on any of our products, good or bad. We love hearing why you love our Lacrosse Gear & Apparel, but we like to hear how we can improve even more!

So don’t be shy! Write us a review, send us a note! Let us know how we can do better or if there is anything we can do more of!